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Pressure sensitive labels -- sure, you can call them "stickers" -- on a variety of paper and film facestocks can suit any application, from grout cleaners to gourmet foods. Access to a variety of highly functional substrates, inks, and finishes, along with our vast experience in the packaging industry, will ensure that your label suits your application perfectly.

USES In addition to presenting your brand, labels provide instructions for use, ingredient and nutritional information, compliance and regulatory statements, barcodes, colorcodes, as well as promotional callouts, coupons, and other add-on uses. If it needs to be seen, a label is the way to put it on your package.

Food Beverage Cosmetics Pharmaceuticals Cleaning Products Warehouse & Logistics Retail Promotional

CAPABILITIES Our wide selection of available face stocks and adhesives, hundreds of stock cutting dies, in addition to our ability to create and combine a massive variety of print colors and finishing effects, mean our capabilities are nearly as limit less as your imagination.

FOOD & BEVERAGE PACKAGING: freezer, refrigerator, waterproof, HPP tolerant, meets FDA standards for packaged foods as well as fruits and vegetables, custom fit to any package, internal use labels for warehousing and distribution as well as retail-ready

CHEMICALS, CLEANERS, AND TREATMENT PRODUCTS: waterproof, drip-proof, highly durable to industrial use, beautiful for home use, custom fit to any spray, squeeze, orpourbottle, or pails and drums, internal use labels for warehousing and distribution as well as retail-ready

PERSONAL CARE AND COSMETICS: durability when needed for waterproof or product-proof conditions, high-end finishes, custom color matching, custom fit to any package or component

PROMOTIONAL: custom shapes and unique materials highlight sales and new items to standout at retail, peel-off coupons(IRC), tags, inserts


White Semi Gloss
Our most popular substrate, a cost-effective, bright base for many colorful or simple uses. Available with a wide variety of adhesives for a range of temperatures and conditions. Can be finished with matte or gloss varnish or laminate.
Cost effective
Adhesive strength options

White Film
Perfect for applications requiring waterproof substrates or high durability against moisture and other usage conditions. Conformability makes this a good fit for small components. Bright white looks great as a base for colorful designs.
Adhesive strength options

Clear Film
When you want a "no label" look and for your product to shine through the packaging, our clear film substrate is the way to go. You can achieve custom shaped designs without the expense of custom shape dies. Clear film is durable and waterproof, making it a great fit for a variety of applications.
White ink makes designs pop

Kraft Paper
This natural looking substrate has an "unfinished" appeal that communicates a more rugged or natural element to your product. This can be used functionally to match a cardboard box, and as a design element to highlight the natural or environmentally sound nature of your product.
Natural look and feel
White over print for design flexibility

Metallized Paper and Film
If you need to make a bold visual impact, whether with a bright reflective product label or call-out sticker, or you just want to add a high-end touch with a foil-like accent, our metallized paper and films are an excellent choice. Opaque white allows us to show metallic in specific areas only. Overprinting Pantone colors allows tinting to any metallic shade.
Eye catching
Foil-stamp effect
Tint to any metallic shade

Thermal Imprintable
If printing variable information at your facility, whether for shipping or warehouse purposes, or for flexibility in your retail packaging, we can provide thermal imprintable labels that pair with your thermal transfer or direct thermal label printers. Whether you need something completely blank, or you'd like your logo or design elements pre-printed, with room for you to add your own print, we can make exactly what you need.
Variable data imprintable
Direct thermal or thermal transfer
Paper or film options
Blank or pre-printed


DESIGN GUIDE To complete your jobs cost effectively, quickly, and with the highest degree of quality, please follow these flexographic art specifications. We will finish incomplete artwork for an additional cost at current market rates.

Art Guidelines

The following guidelines are to help you successfully design your artwork for flexographic film printing. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact an account representative.

SOFTWARE: THE PREFERRED FILE FORMAT IS ADOBE ILLUSTRATOR. Use Adobe® Illustrator CC or earlier. Send all linked images as separate files. Any art received in a diferent file format than Illustrator (Photoshop, Word, InDesign) will need to be quoted.

FONTS / TYPE: All fonts must be supplied if any modifications are to be made in-house. PLEASE DO NOT SET TYPE IN PHOTOSHOP OR OTHER

PIXEL BASED PROGRAMS. Include all fonts used in your artwork as separate files, or send files with outlined text (if no modifications will be made in-house). We recommend Sanserif fonts for all small type. Minimum point size for positive copy is 4.5 pt. Minimum point size for reverse copy is 5 pt. Avoid fine or narrow reverse type. Avoid process builds on type less than 12 pt.

COLOR SPECIFICATIONS: Before sending your artwork please print out all separations and check that each separation shows the intended art. Specify required Pantone (PMS) numbers on all spot-color artwork. Process color matches cannot be made to your laser or inkjet print outs. Samples must be provided to use as a benchmark if you are requiring a color match to a previously printed label.

SCANNED IMAGES: Any embedded images should be at least 300 dpi. Set document color mode to CMYK. Any linked images should be included in a separate folder, saved as EPS, TIFF or any other format that can be opened in Adobe Photoshop. All scans should be CMYK and not RGB.

IMAGE AREA / BLEED: Maintain 1/8 inch margin from die line for all art, unless it is an intentional bleed. Standard bleed 1/8 inch beyond the die line or crop marks.

SCREENS / GRADIENTS: Screens may range from 100% to a minimum of 5%. Any values that are under 5% may not reproduce as desired.

TRAPPING: All Trapping will be done in-house, due to our press specifications.

NUTRITION FACTS: Please contact the Food and Drug Administration for necessary requirements needed for your application. Richards Label is not liable for non-compliant packaging.

BARCODES / UPCS: Bar width reduction should be at .003 inch when created at 100%. Bar width at .002 inch when created at 80%. We do not guarantee scanability of codes smaller than 80% scale.

SUBMITTING ARTWORK: Please email files under 10MB to Large files may be shared through a free file-sharing service, such as or

PRINT CAPABILITIES: Process and spot colors may total a maximum of 8 colors, or 7 colors on a label requiring varnish. Maximum web width is 10".

TRAPPING: All Trapping will be done in-house, due to our press specifications.

PROOFING AND PRINTING: Once your artwork is received, reviewed, and adjusted as necessary, an email proof will be provided to you for your final approval before printing. Proofs are typically available within 24-48 hours from art confirmation. For projects requiring extensive revisions, graphic design service charge of $65/hr + tax may apply. For all color matching requirements, please first consult your account representative. Color draw down and color proof (i.e. Kodak) can be made available upon request. Additional fees may apply. A press check may be arranged. Please consult your account representative for details. If your artwork file is prepared by Adobe® Photoshop® or InDesign®, a conversion service charge of $65/hr + tax may apply.


What are your minimums? We offer both flexographic and digital print services, which means that we don't have high minimums. Depending on how many labels you are looking for, we can determine the most cost effective print method. Because of the set-up involved in either print type, we find that digital print minimums are best between 500 and 1,000 labels (combined totals okay) and flexographic print minimums are best between 5,000 and 10,000 labels, depending on the number of colors being printed.

Do you have a price sheet? Every label we print is unique and custom made to order. We provide pricing based on material, size, print colors, number of versions, and total order quantity. Because of the complexity of our pricing, we are unable to offer a standard rate sheet.

What kind of material do I need? With some information about the application, storage, and end-use conditions of your label, our team will be able to recommend a print material that will work well. We always advise testing prior to printing your labels, so please reach out to us to discuss your needs and have a sample of the recommended material provided to you for testing.

How long will it take to receive my order? Once final artwork has been electronically proofed by our prepress department and approved (in most cases, approval by email is sufficient), it is put into the production schedule. Our rough lead time is between 1.5 to 2 weeks from approval, however we always try to accommodate the scheduling needs of our customer, so please let us know before placing your order if you have a specific date by which you need your labels.

Can you design my label? If you have a product and a dream, we can make a label to bring the two together. We are able to take your style influences, logos, and any working artwork and design a label to fit your product. Our design services are billed at market rates and can be estimated upon receipt of all instructions and working art files (if available). If you are already working with a designer, we recommend having them check our design guide before starting the clock.