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Single-Use and Sample Packets

Flexible packaging has established itself in recent years as the best way to offer sample and single-use products in a format that is easy-to-use and true to branding. Richards Label has been on the leading edge of developments in flexible packaging technologies, to offer our customers the very best materials and print options for their pouch, packet, and stick-pack needs. Whether you are looking to market your product to prove that "Sampling is Believing", or you want to offer a single-use version of your product to expand your current product line, packets are an innovative solution that have an unparalleled consumer appeal.
Flexible Packaging

USES Packets can be used for single serving or single dose portions, sampling of products, and brand promotion.

Sampling Travel packs Grab & go single-use items Lotions & gels Cosmetics Small foods, snacks, and candies Pet foods & treats Seasonings Drink powders Vitamins, nutraceuticals, & medicines in pill, powder, gel, or cream form Towelettes and wipes
Flexible Packaging
CAPABILITIES As a unique way of getting your product and brand into the hands of your current and prospective customers, flexible packaging is an exciting option with various potential uses.

Skin and Personal Care Products: single use portions are perfect for sampling to new customers, or for a travel kit or trial regimen
Powdered products: sample or single use portions of drink mixes or seasonings
Capsules and Tablets: portion out a single dose of nutraceuticals and vitamins in a convenient package for consumers
Pet products: sample treats, foods, and health products for the animals your products serve
Small foods, snacks, and candies: great for sampling new products or on-the-go items
Brand promotion: If you don't make a product you could sample, but want a unique way to share your brand, use a sample pack of our stock hand sanitizer or lotion as a promotional item at trade shows or as a leave-behind at sales appointments


White Cosmetic Web
Our most popular flexible packaging product, white cosmetic web allows for full color print and pantone matching to reflect almost any design. This film is a great match for many liquids and creams, as well as capsules, solids, and some powders.
Compatible with many products
White face receptive to full color design

Silver Cosmetic Web
When a metallic look is essential to your design, weather as a foil stamp look to match cartons and components, or you want the eye-catching impact of a fully metallized glow, silver cosmetic web is the way to go. It can be over printed with opaque inks to provide contrast, or tinted with Pantone shades to create unique metallic tones. This film is a great match for many liquids and creams, as well as capsules, solids, and some powders.
Bright metallic shine
Foil stamp effect or tint compatible with many products

Paper-Faced Films
For a more rigid pack with a paper face, our paper-poly constructions give the barrier properties your product needs, while giving the brightness and versatility of a paper pack. These are particularly compatible with powdered products, and receptive to full color designs.
Compatible with many products
White face receptive to full color design

Flexible Packaging

DESIGN GUIDE To complete your jobs cost effectively, quickly, and with the highest degree of quality, please follow these flexographic art specifications. We will finish incomplete artwork for an additional cost at current market rates.

Art Guidelines - Flexible Packaging

The following guidelines are to help you successfully design your artwork for flexographic film printing. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact an account representative.

THE PREFERRED FILE FORMAT IS ADOBE ILLUSTRATOR. Use Adobe® Illustrator CC or earlier. Send all linked images as separate files. Any art received in a diferent file format than Illustrator (Photoshop, Word, InDesign) will need to be quoted.

Only use the provided template (die line) to prepare your artwork. Fonts must be no smaller than 5pt. However, fonts must be larger than 6pt when printed in reverse against spot color solid background (resulting in an appearance of white texts). Some fonts may need to be larger. A barcode (UPC-A) zone, including a "quiet area", must be no smaller than 0.875" width. The size of a QR code, including a "quiet area", varies depending on the complexity of your code. We recommend that you test the code on a printout to ensure that it scans prior to placing the code on a template.

FILM RECOMMENDATIONS: When designing a film job, a combination of up to six (6) spot and process colors may be used. Maximum web width is 10". Generally foil films require white ink as a base coat, which counts as one (1) color. No need to set up bleed. Artwork with a bleed will result in a thin line (white or silver, depending on substrate) on a small percentage of finished packets. Place all critical elements (i.e. brand logo, product name) inside live areas (margins) as indicated on a template. Anything left in seal area may not be legible.

COLOR SPECIFICATIONS: Before sending your artwork please print out all separations and check that each separation shows the intended art. Specify required Pantone (PMS) numbers on all spot-color artwork. Process color matches cannot be made to your laser or inkjet print outs. Samples must be provided to use as a benchmark if you are requiring a match a previously printed label. If you have custom color chips or previously printed components that you want us to use for color matching samples, please send them to your account representative.

FORMATTING AND SAVING FILES: Outline all texts. Set document color mode to CMYK (not RGB). Embed all images at 300dpi CMYK. Save another file as low-res PDF copy using Smallest File Size preset for printer's reference. If your file is less than 10MB, you may e-mail your artwork to your account representative, or Compress the file into .zip, .sit, or .stix format before attaching it to an e-mail message. If the file is larger than 10MB we recommend file transfer services such as or You are welcome to mail a CD, DVD, or flash drive to Art Department, Richards Label, 17291 Mt. Herrmann Street, Fountain Valley, CA 92708. Please note that no media will be returned unless requested.

TRAPPING: All Trapping will be done in-house, due to our press specifications.

PROOFING AND PRINTING: Once your artwork is received, reviewed, and adjusted as necessary, an email proof will be provided to you for your final approval before printing. Proofs are typically available within 24-48 hours from art confirmation. For projects requiring extensive revisions, graphic design service charge of $65/hr + tax may apply. For all color matching requirements, please first consult your account representative. Color draw down and color proof (i.e. Kodak) can be made available upon request. Additional fees may apply. A press check may be arranged. Please consult your account representative for details. If your artwork file is prepared by Adobe® Photoshop® or InDesign®, a conversion service charge of $65/hr + tax may apply.


What is the minimum order quantity? Technically, we don't have a minimum order quantity requirement, however, because of the time and materials required to setup, whether for one label or 100,000 packs, we recommend starting with at least 5,000 packs of one product. The more you can order at one time, the better the per-pack value will be!

Can I combine items for better pricing? Yes! We can run multiple items at the same time to give you a better value. We still recommend that your minimum quantity of each product be no less than 5,000 packs.

How long does it take to get my finished packs? Print and fill scheduling is dependent on receipt of print-ready art and certified bulk product. We are unable to schedule your job accurately until we have received those essentials. Our standard estimate from receipt of Purchase Order, Deposit, Art Approval, and Certified Bulk is approximately 3-6 weeks.

How do I know what size my pack should be? There are two ways we can determine pack size and fill amount:

Start with the pack size. If you have an ideal size you'd like to use to fit with other marketing materials, or you want to be able to keep the pack to a certain price-point, this is where we should start.
Start with the fill size. If there is a recommended amount of product for a single-use that you'd like the recipient to be able to try, then we should start with that volume and fit the pack around it.
Most sample packs of liquid and cream products range from 1 mL to 5 mL, with some products running a little smaller and some running larger.

What kind of material will my pack be made of? We keep up with the latest developments in flexible packaging materials in order to offer our customers the best fit for their products. The majority of our packs are made of cosmetic web, but we also work with stick pack, snack web, and paper-film constructions. If you have a sample of something you like, let us know, otherwise we can recommend the best-practice for your product.

How should I set-up my art work? When you're ready to proceed with an order, we'll provide you with a template and tips for designing your pack. Our art requirements can be found in our Design Guide section, and can also be sent to you along with the template.

Can I get a sample? Please send us an email through our Contact Us page to request a sample of our pack and print work. Please send us a sample of your product for review along with your quotation request. You should send 5-times the amount of one filled pack for testing and mock-ups.